There is No Such Thing as Race

My fun friend Shauna, pictured below on the right, emailed me the link to this video today. Shauna, the one I fetched a toilet for years ago, keeps me apprised of almost all things cool and awesome. Watch the video above, and prepare to be blown away! I remember our mutual friend Joyce telling us all about the Blacks in the Scriptures DVDs years ago at our Veggie Gals gatherings. I didn’t take the time to learn about the concepts then, so it is nice to see that the creator of those DVDs, Marvin Perkins, has his own YouTube channel with these great presentations. He claims that the idea of race is a theory invented by a guy in the 1700s. He also states that what we thought was skin color being mentioned in the scriptures is something else. Fascinating and so refreshing! Show it to your kids for a homeschool devotional or Family Home Evening. I’m eager to hear your comments. What do you think?

(P.S. you can watch all of the stuff from the Blacks in the Scriptures DVDs here.)

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