My Haul of Books from D.I. June 2016


On other blogs you might see bloggers talk about toy, clothing, gadget or makeup “hauls.” Not on this blog. The only hauls I am going to feature on here will be about books! I loooove books! On my trip to Utah for two weeks I went to four Deseret Industries! I was looking for a specific book, Teach the Children by Neil Flinders. Growing up, I saw this book on my parents’ bookshelf for nearly a decade. The author was a colleague of my dad’s, in the McKay School of Education at BYU. Then I went away to college and got married. Then I had kids and started homeschooling and found out that that book is a gold mine full of homeschooling philosophy. So, when I decided I wanted to read it, do you think I could find it on my parents’ shelf among the vast, multitudinious collection of books they own? Noooooo! Somehow, in the decades since I left home, it has disappeared!

So I have been on a hunt for the book ever since. Any time I go to a thrift store in Utah that has LDS books, I look for it. I didn’t find the book on this last hunt, but I had fun buying a few other books I couldn’t pass by! I was able to find all these books in this post for $1 to 2 a piece. Hooray! Maybe these are my summer reading list. The super awesome news is that four days after I got home, yesterday, my mom called me up to say that she found the book for me on her trip to D.I. that morning! She is going to bring the book to me when she comes in three weeks. Oh God is good, He is watching out for me! I thank Thee God for sending that book my way!

In the meantime I will be looking at these other books. The first is Mine Errand from the Lord, a collection of Pres. Boyd K. Packer’s writings. I will be reading it on Sundays.

Inspiring Stories for Young Latter-day Saints by [Hartshorn, Leon R.]

I think I will read one of these stories a day to my kids over dinner when Dad is home with us. 

I read Whence Came They a few years ago and enjoyed it. It’s about how Britian ties in to the House of Israel. I am so excited to have my own copy now that I can mark up and keep. The one I read before was from the public library. 

I am a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell. I listened to his book, Blink, on audio during a February and March of one long winter. It definitely helped me get through that winter. I’ve heard alot about the Tipping Point so I can’t wait to read it!


This is one of those books that I don’t read cover-to-cover. Like it says on the cover, it contains summaries of all-time great books. I will pick it up when I want to spend 5 to 10 minutes on a break from my daily work to learn about the classics. I found volume 2 a few years ago for Father’s Day for my husband. But I haven’t seen it since we moved. I’m wondering if one of my college kids took it?


I love the song Amazing Grace. I am looking forward to reading about the author, John Newton. This one will be another book to read on Sunday. 

I read the above book years ago and loved it so much I asked my parents to buy a copy for my son for his birthday when he turned 17. It’s basically a book for casting vision as to why college is so important and how to pick the best college for you. My son is now in college so he has his copy with him. I was so happy to find another copy to keep at home. Now I’ve got three kids at home who I want to inspire to go to college. Maybe I will read them a little bit from this book every day as part of our devotional.


I started reading this book while I waited at Big O Tires in St. George to get our flat tire repaired before we headed home. It is a collection of true stories of people being inspired, through the help of angels. It is so wonderful!

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