Come to the Moms’ Retreat August 5-6 2016

This is me with the fabulous females in my cabin that I got to learn from at the 2014 Moms’ Retreat.

Where else can a mom have a getaway, that includes lodging, three meals, a wonderful environment called the mountains. in order to connect with God, and estrogen bonding, for only $79?

I highly recommend the Moms’ Retreat that Melanie Ballard and her crew put together every year in Heber Valley Utah!

This year’s Moms’ Retreat is Friday August 5-6 2016 at the Heber Valley Girls’ Camp in Heber, Utah.

Don’t delay, register today, right here! 

I attended for three years, before I moved to Utah, and loved every second of it! In fact, I had a breakthrough at this last one in 2014 that changed my life forever. If you miss this Moms’ Retreat, you will be missing out! Melanie and her team think of everything in order to make your experience totally enriching, delightful, and revelational!

Here are the blog posts about the times I went. 

2012 Moms’ Retreat

2013 Moms’ Retreat with Carol Tuttle

2014 Moms’ Retreat- looks like I never blogged about this one, but it was super awesome as well. That is the year we got to hear from Chris Williams and hear his story of forgiveness. Also the year that I had my breakthrough.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up before the registration ends on July 15th!

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