Give Your Child the World Book Club Africa Resouces


How are you coming with Africa week in the Give Your Child the World Book Club?

I have experienced sheer joy finding some Africa books at the library, pitching them to my kids over dinner (reading the plot summaries on the back or the dust jackets) and reading some of these books aloud to them. My 14 year old started reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind this morning. I am so excited! Maybe it will spark some inventiveness in him.


Here are some LDS resources to go along with the themes for last week and this week!

For last week’s theme of “Multiculturalism”, these two excellent General talks about loving all of God’s children resonate with me:

Then here’s some stuff to go with the “Africa” theme of this week: 

I am reading aloud the chapter book below, about a girl who becomes orphaned when her missionary parents die in British East Africa during the influenza epidemic of the early 1900s. She is sent to live in England and learns that ““If you are among evil people, you must be like the lion, gathering strength and awaiting your time.”


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