Agency-based Education 2015 Conference Video #1

Whew, I just got back from taking my homeschooling son to football practice at our local high school. He had to be there for a meeting right when school ended. It was a zoo with all the cars of kids leaving or being picked up! Yes, school here in AZ started this week, they are on day 3. I feel so sad for these kids having to go back to school the first week in August! Back to school time is hopefully not happening for the rest of you until September. I thought I would put up some videos, one each day, over the next few weeks, about education as official back-to-school time is here or coming up!

So here’s the first video I picked from last year’s Agency-based Education Conference held in Utah by Oak Norton. 

What happens when a dad pulls his daughter out of public school for half the time, and lets her watch Netflix all day? Watch this video to hear the story of Rebekah and what she did after she got tired of spending her school time on entertainment. It’s a great story! Hmmm…if I let my 11-year-old son do the same thing would he end up choosing education over entertainment?

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