Why Would a Mom Choose Natural Birth? Why Not at Home?

I don’t talk a ton about childbirth on this blog, just a little bit. It’s time to change that and talk a lot more! This new month of August marks 7 years since the last time I gave birth. August also is the month when I celebrate giving birth to two sons. The previous month of July is when I celebrate having my second home birth. I had a highly charged emotional experience leading up to my last birth, and I’ve been healing ever since. After having 2 hospital births, then 4 home births, I ended up feeling led to have that last baby in the hospital. At 38 weeks, I switched from a lay midwife as my healthcare provider to a certified nurse midwife. That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life. 

So it’s not because I don’t think natural childbirth is important here on the blog, as to why I don’t talk about it much, it’s that I have been healing for the past years from childbirth trauma. Wait, let me rephrase that. It’s not so much childbirth trauma, it was trauma during pregnancy that pulled up memories of all the negative stuff from the previous childbirth and then caused me to project those fears onto the future birth. I think it’s time to break the silence I have had about my story. 

I am a huge advocate of natural birth, birth at home, and even birth at a hospital if that’s where the mom feels where she wants to be, after evaluating all her choices. I love the power that comes from a mom learning all about birth and making the choices she needs to make to feel the most empowered she can be to have the birth she wants. When I had home births, I had the births I wanted, with great feelings of empowerment. When I had that last hospital birth, I also got the birth I wanted, with a different kind of empowerment.

The above video shows Jessa Duggar Seewald in labor for her home birth. Then the video below shows that she had to be transported after the birth because of blood loss. 

I so appreciate all the women ought there who are willing to teach about what normal birth is. They talk about the blessings that come from experiencing a natural childbirth. Some of them even make movies about birth and the safety of home birth. The first video above shows a pitch to make the new documentary, Why Not Home? The documentary is all done, and you can see the trailer here. I love that it talks about home birth in a new light. That light is that a growing number of doctors and nurses who attend childbirth are choosing to have home birth themselves. Why? You will have to watch the movie to find out. 

The two videos below are the Business of Being Born and a followup to it. The Business of Being Born is a must-see if you are pregnant! It was made by Ricki Lake, an actress, and her friend. I loved it when I saw it years ago. It definitely was a move that needed to be made. It’s not every day you have someone from Hollywood talk about birth, and homebirth, in positive ways. 

So let’s talk about birth! Over the next year, maybe, haha, perhaps I will be sharing all of the stories of the births of my seven children. I tell one story here. That was the story of my first home birth,and third childbirth, back in 1998. If you have any birth stories already posted on a blog or web site, please link them below in the comments section. If you would like to share your story in the comments section below, please share below as well. 

Here is my list of ten things to do to have a happy homebirth. I would love to hear your comments about birth.

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