Who’s Ever Heard of a Bone Bruise? A Visit from My Daughter

My daughter who left the nest over two years ago got to be here for a whole week! (I wrote about when she went off to college here. Can you believe it’s been over two years? It was three years ago last month that she and I took off on the grand adventure to check out BYU-I for two days so she could make sure she wanted to go there.) I am so pleased with this baby girl, now grown! She is everything I wanted to be and more! She got a 4.0 last semester (winter) in her program at BYU-I, software engineering. For the summer she has been in Kansas City, earning great money doing an internship for a company that makes GPSes (How do I spell the plural of GPS?) It is so gratifying to see the fruits of the homeschool education I cultivated for her. 

She is a lot more adventurous than I ever was. So that means she does rock climbing and fake rock climbing and fell about 10 feet, right before our San Diego reunion vacation. For insurance purposes, she had to come to her new home here in AZ to see a doctor. I have never done so much driving in one week, than while she was here! I took her to three medical visits in Tucson, over an hour away. It was just her and me so we got lots of one on one visiting. Ever since that last year before she flew from the nest I have felt gypped of time with her. She was so busy that last year, working part time out of the home, doing tons of schoolwork to prepare for college, and taking ballet lessons 2 to 3 times a week. This last week hardly made up for that gypped year, but it did make a dent. We also got to go to the temple, both of us, with my husband, and listened to the BYU speech below. (It’s really good by the way, so be sure to watch/listen!)

The first medical visit was to have the doctor take a look and get an X-ray. The second one was to get the MRI. The third one was to get the doctor’s interpretation of the MRI. So what was the long-awaited for diagnosis? Simply, a bone bruise. What! Whoever’s heard of a bone bruise? That’s it! No break, tear, or sprain! Whew! I just wish we could have found that out in one visit. I told her that someday she gets to invent an app that will allow us to do MRI scans without doctor visits. Then we can just text the image in and get the results without leaving home three times! I have never heard of a bone bruise before.

We had such a grand time talking. The Tucson D.I. (thrift store) was down the street a few miles from the doctor’s so that first visit we went thrifting and spent over two hours trying on clothes. I don’t think my husband realized how long we would be gone. But I did, so I left a crockpot full of food for dinner. We got a super haul! She found the cutest casual brown leather Mary Janes and I found a ton of cute tops, skirts, some capris, and some gold sandals to replace the ones I have now that are falling apart. (The top and the capris in the top photo are part of the booty.) It was great to talk and revisit old memories and reevaluate what happened years ago. We talked about how we both love creating beauty, that that is part of our missions. I told her that sometimes the thought creeps in my head, “What’s the point of having beauty?” I realized as I said it that that is just the enemy’s voice. She pointed out, from listening to the BYU speech above, that having beautiful things around us, helps us to pretend to be happy, even when we are not, and that ultimately helps us be happy. You’ve just got to listen to the speech. It’s about the importance of earth life, the arts, and how “pretending” fits into all of it. 

She also talked about how much she loves BYU-I, with it’s emphasis on personalized teaching. She said that is the spirit of BYU-I. She said she was eager to get back to school there in the fall to return to her “educational roots” and have some of the same joyful roommates. We also talked about guys and that was good to hear what’s going on with her regarding them. 

I’ve learned so much from this girl! Including that it’s OK to mix prints. She loves doing that, as attested by her wearing the floral print shirt and checked shorts in the top photo. In her honor, when I drove her to Phoenix so she could catch her flight, I wore a floral top and floral skirt, of differing prints. I miss having her home still, and look forward to an eternity together!

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