Date Night Movie Review: Though None Go with Me

The following is a true conversation:

My husband:  “Now, who are the people in this movie? Jo…Beth…?” (This was as we started one of our at-home movie date nights a few weeks ago.)

Me: (feeling amused that he is mistaking Pride and Prejudice for Little Women, being patient, and holding back laughter) “Um…I think you are thinking of Little Women. This is totally different. It’s Pride and Prejudice.” (Perhaps this is the way he might feel if I called a pair of needle-nosed pliers a crescent wrench. Except I would never make that mistake, because I honestly know the difference, and he didn’t. So, OK,  this would be like me confusing two different parts of a car, of which I am barely familiar.)

I guess we had been watching one too many “bonnet movies” as Glenn Beck calls them, for our date nights. Pride and Prejudice and Little Women are soooo different. Different authors, different countries, different continents, different time periods, different families. One is totally made up, the other is fairly autobiographical. But, to give him credit, both movies are about families of all girls. Perhaps when you are male, these movies that feature mostly girls as characters pre-1900 all run together. 

So I decided we needed a break from bonnet movies. The next time we had date night, I picked up a DVD from the library, featuring a movie that my friend Sarah had recommended. It is called Though None Go With Me and I loved it.

It’s about a woman who falls in love with a small town preacher. She thinks her life will go one way when she makes a commitment with this preacher boyfriend that they will do whatever God asks of them They become engaged. Her life ends up getting completely derailed to a totally different path. The movie reinforces faith in God, being chaste, strengthening marriage and family, and serving others. Movingly, it shows the beautiful way of living an unselfish life, God-honoring life. It is clean and as a bonus, the star has totally cute dresses to fit into the setting of the 1940s. (My daughter and I love 1940s styles!)

When she is older, the main character is played by Cheryl Ladd (as in Charlie’s Angels). I didn’t even know Cheryl Ladd was still around, and it was a pleasure to see that she is still beautiful and wonderful. (Her hairstyle as the older woman did bug me a bit though, I kept wanting to comb it.) The fact that I know who Cheryl Ladd is totally dates me, I know. I mentioned this movie. including Cheryl Ladd’s name, to a young single woman who is slightly older than my firstborn and she thought I was talking about some disease or something like “sheralad.”  LOL! 

Anyway, please watch this movie for your next date night, you will love it! The full movie is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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