Can You Really Homeschool Using Angry Birds? Connor Boyack’s 2015 ABE Conference Talk

Today’s back-to-school video features Connor Boyack, the amazing guy behind the Libertas Institute. Libertas works to get liberty-based legislation passed in Utah. In this video, Connor details how he homeschools his son using his son’s passion for Angry Birds.

I’m not a huge fan of video games, just ask my kids, but even so, I found Connor’s approach refreshing. I love his idea of Passion-based Education, as long as we are always helping our kids to keep their passions grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Connor is my favorite political blogger. You can catch him here, too, but he blogs more at the Libertas Institute site. A bunch of my girlfriends had him come speak to our Zion Women’s Retreat in 2012.Wow, was that really four years ago?! Two years ago I had him speak for the award night for the Hero Project class I taught. He did a perfect job! I so appreciate his anti-statist perspective. 

I remember at the Zion Women’s Retreat we asked him how to homeschool based on his anti-statist, Zion-based, liberty-based philosophy. Not we, but some of my friends. I was chuckling softly, as they asked him that, thinking, “Girlfriends, why are you asking him? You are veteran homeschool moms and his oldest is probably like 3!” He freely admitted he wasn’t in the thick of homeschooling yet. Well girls, now we have an answer, at least for the early years, four years later. Just remember, he is not an expert. None of us are. We are all still experimenting. It is helpful though to look at those who have the fruits of what you want and follow those people. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

Connor has a new book out based on passion-based education. Here is a podcast interview all about it below.

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