How to Start a Love of Learning Boys’ Club

Have you wanted to start a group for boys that ignites a love of learning? I have 5 boys, and I have seen how fun it is to have them go once a week to a boys’ club between the ages of 8 and 12. This is different from Cub Scouts. It’s the Mastering Knighthood club. It has been a great social and educational supplement to our homeschooling routine. The boys are encouraged to learn by reading at home and coming up with a craft, activity, or game to share with the other boys. There are no writing requirements. 

The boys learn to lead each other in activities, learn the Hero’s Creed, and read and discuss one chapter book a month about a great hero who exemplifies the monthly theme. We are starting a Mastering Knighthood Club here in southeast AZ. It’s going to be great! Every September the boys can attend the Mastering Knighthood Summit in Utah where they put what they learn into practice from the clubs with an awesome simulation of defending a kingdom against evil. It gives me chills listening to the music in the video below, from the 2013 summit.

We get to attend the summit at the end of this week, I am so excited! My older son, pictured below, will be the Head Master Knight. All of my four older boys have participated in some way through the years, either as a teenage helper volunteer knight or as a participant. It has given them great lessons in leadership, teamwork, and choosing the right. Go here, read about the program, and scroll to the bottom to sign up. You will get details instructions on how to start your own club, in one pdf. The other pdf you get will give you the monthly themes and book recommendations for 2016-2017. Attendance at the summit is not required, it is just a huge, nice bonus if you can afford it! Huzza! Huzza!

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