The Big Fat Surprise: Why It’s Good for You

We have been so duped as a society into thinking that we shouldn’t eat fat. I remember as a teen, my best friend’s dad had heart problems so the doctor put him on a no cholesterol diet.  I felt so sad that he was told he couldn’t eat fat! I also remember Bill Cosby, as Dr. Huxtable, telling his wife on The Cosby Show why he didn’t want to eat the rice cakes she bought for him. “Zero fat,” she said, to which he replied, “zero taste.” I wish I could go back in time and tell my friend’s dad to cut out sugar instead of saturated fat. He had his leg amputated last year because of diabetic complications and last I heard, was about to get the second leg amputated as well.

Are we as a nation any healthier decades after the low-fat craze? Everywhere I look, people have tons of health problems that they are on medication for. Not to mention the obesity epidemic. Please listen to the podcast linked below about the above pictured book The Big Fat Surprise.

Here’s a description of the episode, copied and pasted from the podcast page.

#45 – Nina Teicholz  The Skinny on Fat   Show Notes

Nina Teicholz spent nearly a decade researching nutrition policy and dietary fat, culminating in the publication of her spellbinding book “The Big Fat Surprise.” In it, she explains the politics, personalities, and history of how we came to believe that dietary fat is bad for health. Her book was the first mainstream publication to make the full argument for why saturated fats–the kind found in dairy, meat, and eggs–are not bad for health.

In today’s episode, she discusses what initially propelled her to pursue this topic. You will be intrigued by the answers (and stonewalling) she encountered on her quest to find out more. What she discovered has led her to become an advocate for changing our diets to improve our health. Steps include avoiding vegetable oils and, of course, embracing saturated fats in their place.


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