Family Night Movie Review: McFarland USA

This movie came out over a year ago, so I know I’m a bit late to the party on the review. Maybe y’all have seen it already. But just in case you haven’t, read my review right now and go watch it. Dh and I finally saw it for a date night at home. I highly recommend it, more as a family night movie, than a date night movie, because there’s not much romance. So if you are OK with not much romance in a date night movie then watch it for date night. Anyway, tt’s the story of a high school football coach who has to go out of state to find a job coaching high school football because of his anger issues. He ends up in McFarland, CA, a real place. He discovers that he really wants to coach cross country running. What follows is such an inspiring story full of a mixture of the following themes:

  • how to strengthen family ties, and what we can learn from the Hispanic culture about this
  • how to inspire young athletes
  • how to integrate into a new culture
  • how to bind a community together
  • the reality of the hard working life of migrant farm workers

We will definitely be showing this movie to the kiddos!  A few swear words appear, so if that bothers you then see if you can watch it on There’s no graphic violence, although there is mention of it. It’s clean and wholesome, so get some popcorn going and go watch it! I borrowed the copy I watched from my local public library. You can rent it online as well. It’s definitely a feel good movie that will leave you smiling. I also love the acoustic guitar soundtrack!

Here’s a little bit about the back story.

Here’s the part shown about what happened to the real guys who ran on the first team. It is inspiring to see that they broke out of poverty and went to college.

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