Movie Review: God’s Not Dead 2

For our last movie date night at home, dh and I watched God’s Not Dead 2. We used, which I love. You can watch fairly recently released movies for only $2, and apply filters to block out any swear words, violence or other undesirable stuff. Anyway, in the movie, Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame stars as a high school history teacher, Grace Wesley.  Grace mentions the name of Jesus in her class, as an example of nonviolence, after a student asks a question, in relation to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. A student reports the incident, so then she gets dragged into a court case by the ACLU. It is based on a combination of 25 real court cases of the U.S.

It features some big stars like Melissa, Pat Boone, and Robin Givens. Holy cow, I didn’t know that Pat Boone is still around! Good for him! I just have to say, part of what makes the movie enjoyable is that most of the characters are good looking, or “easy on the eyes” as my sister’s mother-in-law likes to put it. Especially Melissa, Robin, and the young public defender assigned to Grace’s case, actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Even better, the court case scene involves real life people, starring as themselves, who have written books giving evidence for Jesus. One is Lee Strobel, the author of  The Case for Christ. Another is Jim Wallace. Jim is a homicide detective who applied his detective skills to finding evidence for Jesus Christ. He is featured below with his presentation, Cold Case Christianity.

I want to watch this movie with my older kids who live away from home next time I am with them. Then I want to read all the books mentioned in it and discuss the books, a chapter at a time. This movie would be great to watch with a Quest 3 LEMI class, as part of the study on worldviews. My three oldest children all took that class as part of our homeschool group. It greatly equipped them to go out into the secular world, armed with knowledge.  I also want to read the book, The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, with my older children, to go with this movie. All of this gives me plenty of fodder for our Sunday night online discussions!

Image result for a reason for god book cover image

I give the movie 4 stars, just because some of it is a tad cheesy. It is great for either a date night or family night movie for ages 8 and up.  I do love that it shows the power of community in the end. The video below features Jim Wallace with his Cold Case Christianity presentation. I also love that there are people out there making good movies about being converted to Christ. Not everyone in Hollywood is liberal or atheist, as Melissa says in the interview above.  If you loved War Room, Fireproof, and Courageous, you will love this movie!

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