Your Comments on Trim Healthy Mama?

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I first heard about Trim Healthy Mama over a year ago on one of my favorite blogs, written by a large family mom. She endorsed it, saying it’s what allowed her to lose weight. Then my sister told me about it. At that time, I was in the middle of my weight loss journey using a different method. I filed the idea way, to be visited sometime in the future. Well, now it’s the future and I’m revisiting it. I lost 70 lbs and have maintained this loss by some intermittent fasting and staying low carb. But…I have been wondering if this low carb style is affecting my hormones. I am having early night waking, insomnia, and other issues that make me think maybe I need more carbs?  Maybe Trim Healthy Mama is the way for me to go to lose the last stubborn 10 lbs and maintain the rest of my life. Instead of doing my LCHF/IF method.

One of my EW Healthy Eating students mentioned THM as the method she was using. I decided to check it out, and finally got the book pictured above from the library. I actually had to use the inter-library loan system because my local library didn’t have it on hand. Basically the idea is to eat all three macronutrients: carbs, fat, and protein, but be careful about how you combine them. The authors of the plan, sisters Serene and Pearl, recommend eating mostly protein with carbs, or protein with fat. They say be careful about combining fat with carbs. That’s because the body will always burn the carbs first and then store the fat. If you don’t combine them, then the body will burn each on its own. The video below shows the basics.

Here’s the story behind how they discovered this plan and the theory behind it. One of them was vegan for 7 years and got super thin. The other was into fast food, and then had a near constant issue of blood, like the woman in the New Testament. She healed that by eating whole grains, but then she gained too much weight. With further research and consulting together, the two sisters finally found a balanced diet to solve their health problems.  Hence, the diet outlined in the book, Trim Healthy Mama.


I really like their use of scriptures about God endorsing all food groups: grains, oils and protein, like in Deuteronomy. I can see that for a season, as it was for my case, it can be good to decrease or eliminate the macronutrient of carbs,especially simple carbs, but never protein or fat. But for long-term, a higher amount of complex carbs has its place, as I am learning. They make the point, “Excess insulin is the root of all disease.” Wow, even for cancer? For heart disease? For gut issues? Yes, I think so. So that’s why limiting simple carbs is wise.

One YouTuber says she lost 70 lbs using THM. She went form size 24 to size 6. Here is a video testimonial of another YouTuber about the diet from a blogger I trust, Wardee of Gnowfglins fame. She says she lost 30 lbs using the THM plan. She did the plan using traditional food, as in Weston A. Price diet. Here is what she learned from doing the diet. I was very much interested in her point of view about the only two sweeteners in the plan, erythritol and stevia.

So I am looking into it to lose the last 10 lbs, instead of the LCHF/IF, because that was stressing my hormone levels too much. Serene and Pearl say that a low carb diet over time does that.

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So now it’s time for me to get the cookbook and study that and get going with S, E, FP, and XO meals. I am still figuring out the initials. I have gotten into a huge rut with my diet where I have eaten the same thing for weeks. The plan book talks about so much yummy food it was making my mouth water. I am looking forward to drooling over the cookbook. It’s frustrating that the recipes aren’t in the plan book, only in the separate cookbook. I understand though that the original book that had both was too thick, 600+ pages, so the authors separated the plan from the cookbook.

Another blogger I found says that the THM diet works, but she cautions against using stevia. She started a blog based on THM and whole foods here. She says stevia might cause fertility problems and miscarriages. Yikes! I have already weaned myself off stevia so that’s no big deal for me and I haven’t dared touch erythritol because it looks and sounds so fake. Right now I am maintaining my weight with occasional use of sucanat, like in my super yummy kettle corn. Does this mean people on the plan have no healthy sweeteners available? Wardee talks about that in the video above.

Has anybody had experience losing weight with THM? What are your thoughts about stevia or erythritol? The afore-mentioned blogger, “Zsuzsanna” says on her family blog that she was able to lose weight even though she used sweeteners not on the plan, such as coconut sugar and honey. Any of you Tree of Life Mama readers?


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3 Responses to Your Comments on Trim Healthy Mama?

  1. dclownfish03 says:

    THM is amazing. It’s one “diet” I can get on board with because the only restricted foods are simple carbs. I’ve lost 40 lbs eating this way, and I’m not done. Do some research on stevia, the scare is not all it’s hyped up to be. I’m a firm believer you can convince yourself to be afraid of anything if you don’t choose a variety of sources for info. I refuse to let food scare me anymore because I’m armed with knowledge. For those who are uncomfortable with stevia you can use stevia powder, it’s dried leaf that’s ground up. I use erythritol, xylotil, and stevia (mixed in specific quantities to mimic the THM Gentle Sweet product). The sisters, Pearl and Serene, have done A LOT of research on so many foods and aspects of health and nutrition. I trust their work 🙂 The best part of THM is the knowledge about controlling blood sugar. That is more valuable to me than the possibility of weight loss (though I LOVE that part too).

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