Family Night Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven

Last week we watched this for our family night movie. It’s Miracles from Heaven, and it’s based on the book of the same name by Christy Beam. I’ve read the book too and it’s even better. The movie and book are based on the true story of Christy’s daughter, Annabel. Annabel suffered from an incurable disease, but through a miracle, she was cured. I love hearing stories like this! This movie is my current favorite all time movie, maybe because it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen that shows the power of mother bear chemistry. I love the story! Annabel’s pain involved in her illness was made bearable because of the ferocious determination that Christy had to find the best care for her daughter.

I love that this movie is about a family, marriage, and motherhood. You can see the first ten minutes in the clip above. In the movie, Christy, the mom, is played by Jennifer Garner. Jennifer does a wonderful job portraying the nurturing, loving, protective mom of a very sick little girl. I loved watching all of her expressions. Kylie Rogers also does an equally good job playing Annabel, the sick little girl. I love the determination Christy shows when she announces to her husband that she is taking Annabelle out of state to a specialist doctor, no matter what. As you look into the husband’s eyes as he beholds her mother bear chemistry, you know that he knows that she is going to do it, come flood, blizzard or tornado! I also love where Annabel’s cure comes from. That’s enough of a spoiler, I won’t say any more! Another thing I love about the movie is the faith in the power of prayer demonstrated by the family and their pastor while Annabel has surgery. You know what else I loved? The dresses the girls wear to church and the darling outfits that Jennifer wears throughout the movie.

This is another “feel good” movie that encourages belief in God. If you are looking for a great family movie, watch this. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. My 7 year old stayed and watched the whole thing. The 10 and 12 year olds left to go read. But that’s just them, sometimes they don’t appreciate good stuff! The movie is great! We borrowed a copy from our public library, hopefully yours has it too.

The video below shows the real Annabel and her mom Christy. Don’t watch until after you have watched the movie!

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