DIY Funerals

Recently I delightfully discovered that my Veggie Gal girlfriend Joyce has a youtube channel. The above video is one of the videos from that channel. Joyce is my dear friend who I met 21 years ago when I went to her home for my first La Leche League meeting when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. One of Joyce’s passions is consumer rights when it comes to funeral services. She is currently president of the Utah Consumers Funeral Alliance. Please watch this video to open your eyes to inexpensive options when it comes to caring for your loved ones after they die. You can save a lot of money if you are armed with information. You can go to the website Joyce maintains here, scroll down, and read the “Message from the President” which are six tips about bypassing a funeral director when you bury a loved one. Then go here to learn more about “family-directed funerals” vs. “funeral-director directed funerals.”

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