Come to the 2016 Agency-based Education Conference

The 2016 Agency-based Education Conference is coming next week! If you live in Utah, I encourage you to go. You can register here. When I lived in Utah, I attended most every year and always came away feeling renewed and armed with more knowledge to continue my homeschooling journey. You don’t have to be a homeschooler to benefit from the conference. Whether a parent or grandparent, it’s great to be aware of how you can promote agency-based education in whatever setting your children or grandchildren are in. The speakers come from public school and homeschool backgrounds. My friend Oak Norton, in the video above, puts it on every year and does a great job of getting inspiring, informative speakers. Go here to watch the 2014 videos. I am excited to see that two of my friends, Aneladee Milne and Audrey Rindslisbacher, are speaking this year. You can see Aneladee’s presentation from 2014 below, and Audrey’s presentation from the same year below that.

This is Aneladee talking about “You Don’t Have to Go It Alone: Seven Principles to Building Long-lasting [Homeschooling] Communities”

Here’s Audrey on “From Opinion to Principle”


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