Curing Tooth Decay

Did you know that cavities can be healed? You don’t have to resign yourself and your family to the cycle of drill, fill, and bill. Ramiel Nigel, the man featured in the video above tells you all about how to heal tooth decay in his book, Cure Tooth Decay.

His basic premise is that tooth decay comes from a lack of the right nutrition for teeth to remineralize, not from bacteria, as we have been led to believe. Give them the right nutrition (as outlined in his protocol) and the cavities will heal.  He condenses the information from the book into these videos so I hope you watch them right away, then order the book. I have been reading the book in Kindle format on my phone (so easy that way) and it is fascinating. I highly recommend it! Ramiel was inspired to find the cure for tooth decay when his toddler daughter had cavities and he didn’t want her to have to endure the drilling.

Ramiel’s book has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Here is quote copied from one of the reviewers:

My 8 year old daughter has been plagued her entire life by consistent tooth decay. By 8 years old she has had 19 fillings, 6 root canals with silver caps and 5 extractions. In May 2011, we went for her 3 month cleaning (we took her every 3 months). Big surprise, 3 more cavities. Only this time, something in me said no to fillings. She’d had enough. I went home and called my sister upset over the news. She said to me, you have to read this book. She ordered it for me off of Amazon that day. When it arrived I read it cover to cover, taking notes along the way. Then I did it. I changed everything. I threw out our toothpaste for fluoride free. I started buying raw milk from a local farm. I started buying only grass fed meats, cheese and eggs. I gave her the cod liver oil every day…I cut back on phytic acid rich foods like whole grains…I KNOW what you’re thinking…but if you only knew what those whole grains are doing. I began sprouting and fermenting my grains and legumes. Then in September, I went back. By now I was ready for the dentist to say to me…see I told you so. Only she didn’t. She paused. She looked at the xrays 3X and then looked at her teeth and then finally, at me. She sat up and said “I don’t understand…her cavities have hardened over…this is impossible.” I began shaking…I really did. I was instantly as high as a kite. We discussed the new diet for 15 minutes as she took notes and then she said something she never thought she would say, “I don’t see a need to fill these cavities at this time.” The BIG bonus? I’ve lost 20 pounds while eating a ton of healthy, raw fats!! Who knew just switching from corn fed meat and dairy to grass fed would make such a difference on my waist!! But it was never about me…it was about saving my daughters smile. Thanks you to the moon and back for this book.



My girlfriend Caralee has a story about healing her tooth decay here. The protocol she followed is similar to Ramiel’s. They both use the cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.  You can get recipes from Caralee for raw milk cheese and yogurt here. Part of the protocol Ramiel recommends is to drink raw milk and consume cultured dairy products so that’s why I am sharing Caralee’s recommendations.


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