Date Night Movie Review: To Joey With Love

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Here is a wonderful movie for you to watch for date night with your husband. It’s called “To Joey, With Love.” It’s about a real lifemarried couple, Rory and Joey Feek. Rory is the husband and Joey is the wife. They are country music stars. I had never heard about them but they are famous. Shows how much I know about country music, haha. They aren’t just country music stars, they are gospel country music stars.


When I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas, he said he didn’t know. So that gave me free reign! In other words I could buy what I wanted to have myself, heehee. (Little did I know he was planning on gifting himself an iPhone 6, used, to replace his old one!) I am always looking for good movies/DVDs about married love. So I saw this at my local Walmart and thought it looked like a great story of married love. Boy was I right! I was not disappointed by it. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. You can find it on Amazon or Walmart or Target. It’s too slow for most kids to enjoy watching for a family night movie, at least for my rambunctious boys,  but as a date night movie it’s perfect. We watched it for a long overdue date last weekend for New Year’s Eve. I felt so encouraged and full of life and love after watching it. It made me cry and laugh and feel good all over! It made me appreciate my role as a wife and mother so much, and the simple pleasures and abilities that I enjoy. I felt like the whole movie was a big bear hug straight from the heart of Tennessee. It also made me want to farm!



Anyway, I don’t want to spoil anything about this story on DVD so I won’t say  much more. It’s not really a “movie.” It’s their real life story using home movies that Rory made, showing the birth of their baby and lots of moments with Joey and her baby that are so sweet, and then Joey’s fight with cancer. As a naturally crunchy mom, I love that the story shows Joey having a home birth and then breastfeeding her baby. Then it shows so many tender moments of Joey and her baby Indiana interacting. You see so much mother love from Joey! Here is Joey singing one of my all-time favorite songs, Amazing Grace.


This is a song that they sing about an experience they’ve had had helping underprivileged kids at Christmas time. Here’s what Rory says about the experience:

Every year, our local car dealer Richard Lyons takes about 50 kids from the community shopping at Walmart and gives them each $100 to spend. Joey and I have had the chance to be part of that special event a couple of different times, and to see the joy that he brings to those little faces are priceless. Richard’s generosity and compassion inspired us to write this true story about one of the experiences that happened a couple of years ago


Rory and Joey are a beautiful couple! Here’s one more video of them singing. You can catch more of their hymns here. Here is Rory’s blog. Now I have a new blog to read!

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