ACE the ACT Boot Camp


Hey, if you have a homeschooled teen who wants to go to college, and live on the Wasatch Front, I highly recommend you sign up your child for this ACE the ACT boot camp. My friend Ann Meeks teaches the class and does a terrific job. Here is my review I wrote of the course years ago. So far my oldest three kids have taken the boot camp and loved it. They have all “graduated” from my homeschool efforts and been accepted into college. Two are in college right now and the third will go after he gets home from his mission.

These are words from Ann about the upcoming sessions of the ACE the ACT Boot Camp:

Are you wondering how you are going to get into college? Do you have test anxiety and fear?  Do you want to get a scholarship?  Do you simply want to keep your options open?  If so, the Ace the ACTtm Practice Test and Boot Camp are for you.  The makers of the ACT say you cannot study for this test.  WRONG!!!  Because it is standardized, it is predictable.  You can study and improve your score. I have proven this with the many students I have mentored over the years.  If you have to take the test anyway, don’t simply endure it – ACE it.  It takes work and effort but you can do it.

Classes coming up in Weber/Davis County, Utah County, Morgan County and Sevier County

I have been teaching these classes for 9 years and would love the opportunity to work with you to raise your score and ACE the ACT.

Please click here to see the schedule of classes for the next few months.

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