Watch RootsTech Discovery Day on Sat. Feb. 11

RootsTech Family Discovery Day is tomorrow! I have been watching this for the past three years and have yet to be disappointed. Every year, as I watch or listen as I do chores, I come away feeling so inspired and motivated to connect with my family roots, share the stories with my children, and do temple work. One year it was on Valentine’s Day. It definitely made Valentine’s extra special that year. Last year’s was especially amazing, with Elder and Sister Renlund and their daughter, Ashley, Pres. Russell M. Nelson and his wife Wendy, and Sister Sheri Dew. You can watch those videos here. The above video is a clip from last year, with the Renlund family explaining the meaning of Ezekiel 47.


Tomorrow’s schedule is here and you can watch the live broadcast by going to

The speakers who spoke today and yesterday for the regular RootsTech days were just so wonderful. LeVar Burton of Roots, Star Trek: the Next Gen, and Reading Rainbow fame spoke this morning. Below is the video from the speakers that were livestreamed today, including LeVar’s keynote speech. I am guessing that everybody was misty-eyed, including we remote viewers this morning, as a representative from FamilySearch showed him a record. This was a record that LeVar had never seen before from his family history, the marriage record of his grandparents. It was so touching!

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