Trim Healthy Mama Product Sale Now Till Feb. 14!


So I’ve been having fun experimenting with the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Diet cookbook. I reviewed it here with a giveaway offer. You’ve probably already heard from reading my blog for a while that I lost weight a while back, not with the THM diet or “plan” as they call it. After my weight-loss journey I ended up having hormonal imbalance and insomnia. It was the THM diet plan book that taught me what to do to fix those problems. The solution was to eat more carbs, which the THM authors, sisters, Serene and Pearl, call E meals.  As I did, both those problems vanished away. Always before, when I introduced more carbs, I would gain weight, but with the THM plan, I know how to eat carbs without gaining weight. It’s wonderful to find a balance! I was in an extreme rut, eating the same 10 foods or so over and over, and they got me out of it. I love having all these new recipes, they are just what I needed to find more joy and balance in eating, not to mention having recipes that both my family and I can eat at the same time!



I am so grateful! To celebrate this NSV (non-scale victory) and to show my thanks, I am passing on the news about the Trim Healthy Mama sale that starts today and goes until midnight CT Tues. Feb. 14th. I have reprinted the marketing email I got today. I don’t receive any compensation if you buy any of these products. This is just my way of showing thanks to them. I haven’t reviewed all of the products so I can’t personally vouch for all of them. That’s a work in progress, to review all of them. The plan is to post reviews of the products here, we will see how that goes…no promises! The video below shows one of their easiest recipes, the Cottage Berry Whip, which is fun dessert when you want something sweet but not laden with fat because you just had a carb (E) meal.





I think it’s totally cool that a pair of homeschooling moms came up with a plan that is helping thousands of people lose weight, get off medications, and find joy in eating without gaining weight! They did this all from Pearl’s home computer, dealing with all sorts of interruptions and emergencies that come from a caboodle of kids. They don’t have any degrees in nutrition, or official “credentials”, just tons of mothering experience (which translates into a lot in my book!), a passion to solve their own health challenges, insatiable curiosities to know the truth, and desires to help others.

OK, enough talking…find the “sale flyer” posted below. If you are interested in trying out a gluten-free baking blend, or the sugar-free sweeteners, lip balm and skin care supposedly without toxins, you will find such products below.  Let me know what you think about them. I have tried the sweeteners and haven’t decided what I think about them.

We know you love your precious THM ingredients and need to stock up when you can. So here we go with special prices on all our most popular items. (and some NEW items too! )
For the first time ever:  We have an extra-special savings on 3 bags of Baking Blend – don’t miss it!
*While supplies last. Sale ends at midnight CST Tuesday February 14th
Introducing the first flavors of THM Pristine Whey Protein:  Chocolate and Strawberry!
No more having to take the time to add sweetener.. then mineral salt… then vanilla or other extracts. Now it’s all infused into the slimming, beautiful whey powder.

We’re so thrilled with the result! Too many flavored whey proteins taste artificial. Like those awful diet drinks. Not this stuff baby! We tweaked and tweaked until we got the balance just right. We believe the strawberry flavor is the most natural you will have ever tasted.  The chocolate is divine… it is so hard to get a strong chocolate flavor when infusing whey so feel free to add a teaspoon of cocoa for a stronger chocolate hit.

Watch this video to see how to make the quickest whey smoothie ever! Perfect to drink after doing one of our Workins. (*More exercise DVD kits coming as soon as we can make them! )
NEW THM Lip Balms:
If you love our all-day sipper drinks, Good Girl Moonshine and Singing Canary, you are going to love our new lip balms with the same flavors. (And yes… The Shrinker version is in development too!)Lick your lips because there is nothing to harm you in these balms. They only add shine and softening, healing moisture to the delicate skin of your lips. Lip junk is outta here!Available in 5 flavors: Mint, Orange, Coconut, Good Girl Moonshine & Singing Canary.
NEW THM Lotions:
Our new lotions are perfectly natural and perfectly moisturizing to your whole body… or feel free to use them on your face too if you like a lighter cream than our original face creams.Available in 3 scents: Orange Silk, Coconut Dream and Double-Delish Spearmint
PS: If you haven’t had a chance… check out our new podcast! Click here to listen.
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