When We Step Into the Unknown, We Become Closer to God


I read this speech, given in the above video, in the BYU alumni magazine and thought it was awesome. The speaker, Liz Wiseman, graduated from BYU and went on to form the Wiseman Group. She tells a funny story of how her teenage son created a gash in his leg from an accident, and then stitched it up by himself before she got home! I laughed out loud as I read that story because I have a teenage son, who shall remain nameless, who would totally do the same thing!

She also spoke at RootsTech last week, see the video clip above. Both speeches are wonderful. She points out how important it is to remain humble as we gain more knowledge. It’s better to  think like a rookie, or be in the “rookie zone,” as she calls it. Sometimes we do get too big for our britches, and our knowledge blinds our vision! (For the full video of her RootsTech speech, go here.)




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