Let us All Sing by Dr. Seuss


I sing this song almost every homeschool morning with my kids. I start playing it on the piano and my younger kids know that it is a call to gather round the piano to start our homeschool devotional. I love the lyrics, “it’s good for dusty, musty throats to let out gusty, lusty, notes. It’s good for tongues and necks and knees of people, bees, and chimpanzees! So if by chance, you’re one of these, open up, open up, and sing, siiiiing, siiiiiing! It’s good for almost anything!” (Insert a roll of a chord on the piano!)


Yes it is! Singing is good for almost anything! Many a morning in the past few years, when I would wake up feeling stuck and depressed because of some issues going on in my home, this song would help me feel glimmers of hope. Something about singing gets you in a better frequency of energy to help you receive what God wants you to have.

After we sing/sang this song, then we sing our “songs of praise” as my friend Aneladee calls them. These songs of praise get the hope pouring into my soul. We sing some newer Primary songs and a hymn. I like to use this list to find the newer Primary songs. It has a bunch from Janice Kapp Perry, Sally DeFord, Clive Romney, and other great composers. These are songs like “Holding Hands Around the World, ” “Scripture Power,” and “Don’t Kill the Little Birds.” I do this even though I have one child who repeatedly makes negative comments.


If I have my iPad at the piano, I ask the kids to each pick a song and we download the sheet music right there and we sing it. Otherwise we use my binders I have of some of them in hard copy form. Sometimes we do Brite Music, and at the end we end with some fun Disney songs, like Spoonful of Sugar or Davy Crockett.

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