Date Night Movie Review: The Town that Came a Courtin

Is it OK to watch a somewhat fluffy movie every once in a while? I think so. As long as it’s not too fluffy. My kids know how much I hate brain candy, but sometimes I want some entertainment that doesn’t require much thinking. It still has to have meaning though. The above movie was perfect for that. Dh and I watched it last weekend for our date night. I had had an exhausting day with Saturday chores and cleaning out a fridge to fit a bumper crop of produce from the monthly low cost food drop in town, making bread, and of course, supervising children. So this movie was great for some laughs to relax my weary nerves.

You can watch it on amazon prime video here. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, mostly because of some lack of modest dressing (cleavage and nipples showing through clothing, ugh.) Despite that slight lack of modesty in some of the scenes, it was overall wholesome and charming.

Lauren Holly does a dazzling job playing the lead role, a famous author, Abby Houston, who is single. On a book tour to promote her latest novel, she visits a town in the South. All of its citizens are already in love with her and start pushing her to go on a date with the mayor. She resists, thinking the mayor is an older man who she is not interested in. But then she finds out who the mayor is, and…oh boy! What ensues is cute and funny as this whole fandom of a town spy on their first date. Talk about awkward! Of course, my enjoyment of the whole movie was greatly enhanced by the good looks of the two main stars, Holly, and Cameron Bancroft, the leading man. What a disarming smile he has! I also love Lauren’s gleaming red hair, expressive eyebrows, and fashions (except the aforementioned problems). The end has some suspenseful moments and a sweet rescue. So…if you want something light, romantic, and clean, this will fit the bill.

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