Introducing the New Trim Healthy Mama Book: THM Trim Healthy Table

Did you all get your copy of the new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook last month? I was so excited all through last spring and summer, waiting for Sept. 12 when it would be shipped. It’s called Trim Healthy Mama Trim Healthy Table. This was one of the main things that made me look forward to summer ending! That plus our new family liber school starting (a homeschool co-op group on steroids). Our school started August 4, but I had to wait until almost the middle of September for this book. Sept. 12 is a wonderful day! It was my first due date ever as a mom, 24 years ago! My firstborn was overdue by four days, but this book/baby was released right on time! It was the best-selling nonfiction trade paperback book for at least one week last month! It’s also been the #1 Amazon weight loss book! Congrats to Serene and Pearl!

I have been having so much fun just poring over these recipes and photos! Talk about eye candy! My 11 year old daughter likes to look at them too. I will do a full review and giveaway sometime this fall, but for now, I am just doing a preview of the book. I already made the Cinnamon Bun Shake, the Gingerbread Shake (it’s an FP even), the Lemon Lime Burst, and the Cheeseburger Soup. I adapted the Cinnamon Bun shake to be FP here. It’s originally S in the book.  I am planning on making the Pizza Casserole, the Cornbread, and the Chicken Fajita Soup over the coming week. I went and bought some parchment paper so I can make the Hangry Pockets from the book, shown in the video below.

Below is a video featuring the sisters talking about the new book for a St. Louis TV news station. As you watch it, write down the ingredients for the Save Your Waistline Crockpot Lasagna and you will have another one of the recipes from the new book.

Here is a peek at what you will see in this new cookbook:

  • even more family friendly casseroles and one skillet meals
  • even more soup recipes to stretch meat and make beans and lentils taste so yummy
  • family dinner theme night recipes for grain-free nachos, salad bar, pizza, scones and jam, sushi rolls, and burritos
  • more breakfast recipes to jazz up the old standbys of oatmeal, eggs, and pancakes
  • more single serve baked goods
  • a chapter of “Hangry Meals for One”
  • a variation of the wonder wrap recipe from the first book
  • even more salad recipes, both for sides and for main dishes
  • more tasty side dish recipes to take veggies from plain to pizzazz
  • a grain-free white “bread” recipe called “Wonderful White Blender Bread” (WWBB), with several variations. This is a FP bread that is better than the Swiss bread recipe from the first book because it really looks like white bread.
  • six variations on the Trimtastic cake from the previous cookbook, including a holiday pumpkin roll
  • more shakes and smoothies with the special slimming ingredient in them
  • more cookies, brownies, cupcakes and muffins, including a knock-off Hostess Chocolate Cupcake
  • more candies, like the Good Girl Moonshine Gummies

In the previous book Serene was on an okra kick, in this book, she seems to be on a Trimmy Bisque kick and a baobab powder kick. Just like in the first cookbook we get to read comments from Serene and Pearl about the recipes. If it says “Serene chats” before a recipe then you know it’s a recipe she created. If it says “Pearl chats” then you know it’s from Pearl. They have the usual banter going between the two, since Pearl is a Drive-Thru Sue and Serene is a Purist. It’s fun to read! I have to say, the THM Cookbooks are the best cookbooks for laughs ever!

A feature that’s new in this book is a testimonial to the THM plan from a real everyday person at the beginning of every chapter. I love seeing the before and after pictures of all these people who have lost weight and had tons of non scale victories (NSV). Men, sisters, married couples, a mom with teen triplets, moms who have had 8 or 10 kids, and formerly morbidly obese people are featured. A few have lost over 100 lbs on this plan! They are off their medications for thyroid help and high blood pressure. One woman says one of her biggest NSVs is that she can now play the flute, which she couldn’t do when she was fat! These stories are so inspirational!

So what are you waiting for? Go get the book on Amazon today! For less than $22 you will have new inspiration and motivation to plan meals for your family, shop, and be in the kitchen cooking food from scratch. We all need help for that neverending duty right?! With all of this you will be able to lower your blood sugar level, nourish all your bodies, and make your tastebuds happy! On top of all that you can lose weight too or just maintain with hormones balanced like I have been after losing 70 lbs on a different plan.

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