General Conference Jeopardy! For FHE or Anytime!


Last Sunday night for Family Home Evening, we played General Conference Jeopardy! I told everyone to study for it during the week to get ready! The winner would get a candy bar of their choice!


You can play it too! Just go here to get the PowerPoint version. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the PDF file if you want to do it the low-tech way. Make sure everyone has a set of scriptures handy as some of the answers, er questions, involve a scripture chase.

Be sure to play the intro to get everyone in the mood!

It was nice to use questions/answers (answers/questions) already written out! That meant I could play along too and have one of my kids (the one least interested in playing) be the host. Of course I did have to exercise self-control and not peek ahead of time at the questions/answers. In the past I have written the questions and answers, but then I don’t get to play! Which is sad since I am the biggest fan of the game in the house!


(Sorry this photo is so washed out but it shows how much fun my daughter had playing the game! she is competitive just like her mother)

A good time was had by all! We even had my son from BYU-I join us through Google Hangouts. I said it was open book for using your notes, but I didn’t allow looking at the original talks published in Gospel Library. If anybody got the question right without looking at his or her notes, that meant double points! My little 9 year old guy asked to study about 30 min. before the game. He ended up getting the question about Bobbie the Wonder Dog right because of this last-minute study.


This is the beginning of a great family tradition! And we don’t have to wait until April to play again, we can use the older versions Montserrat has on or make up our own question/answers. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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