Did You Just Love the Moms’ Conference? Get the Recordings and Bonuses Before It’s Too Late!


Didn’t you just looooove the 2017 Moms’ Conference? I  sure did! I squeezed in watching as many sessions as I could, while I did meal prep on those days. I think I only got through one entire session, between homeschooling, meal prep, tech problems, and driving kids places.  Then, I went on a road trip on Thursday, the last day of the conference, to get to a wedding in the new temple in Provo, UT on Friday. So I didn’t watch on that day to conserve my cell phone data.




The road trip was so amazing because I got a second chance to catch a photo of a blue bird in Utah. It was such a wonderful surprise! Remember my trip back here? On that trip, we saw a blue bird at a rest stop in southern Utah but I was a split second slow in whipping out my phone to catch a photo so all I got was the ugly sidewalk. But…on this last trip last week at the same rest stop, we saw the same blue bird and I got not one, but lots of pictures this time! I’m not sure what kind of a bird it is. It looks close to a blue jay, but not quite, because it doesn’t have black and white stripes. Growing up in Utah, I always heard that blue jays don’t live there, only in the eastern U.S. Anyway, it was some kind of blue bird, as it was blue, and a bird, if not a true “bluebird” or “blue jay.”


Whatever blue bird it was, it was a precious sight to me, and there were not one, but three of four of them! It was a sweet reminder to me that God gives me second chances to experience beauty and joy!


Just like I got a second chance to see that rare blue bird, you can have a second chance to see the presenters of the 2017 Moms Conference! Just go here to order the recordings.  You can view the encore day of presentations here. Here are the details:

  • $67 Basic & $97 Premium ends midnight Tuesday 24th end of ENCORE DAY.

This basic price goes up after Tuesday the 24th, to the following:

Last chance pricing will be:

  • $97 Basic & $127 Premium ends midnight Thursday 26th.

Here’s a bit about some of the bonuses you get on top of the already great content, if you buy the Premium Package, from the 2017 Moms’ Conference:

  • Amy McCready’s No-Rescue Policy for Consequences – Teaching Personal Responsibility: a 1-hour webinar by Amy McCready
  • Dr. Kristen Jenson’s guide to tell if your child is ready for a smart phone-by Dr. Kristen Jenson
  • Ramona Zabriskie’s Talk About Intimacy Course This is an entire course on helping you deepen your connection to your husband emotionally, physically, and mentally.  It includes a 42-page ebook: 10 Secrets to Feeling Closer to Your Husband, along with 3 audio lessons, application exercises, and affordable weekly date nights (some are even free).
  • Jenny Layton’s 5D Mind Dump is perfect for you if you are feeling overwhelmed.   The 5D Mind Dump will take you step by step through how to take action on what is most important to you.
  • Intentional Mom: Keep Your House Clean In Under 30 Minutes A Daywith the  help of this guide you will get organized so that you can have a clean home in 30 minutes or less a day.
  • Erin Odom’s What’s For Dinner Challenge? If you struggle to get dinner on the table, this printable pack will save your bacon!  Everything you need to get organize dand meal plan.

Whether you want to watch the classes again for a pick-me-up, show some favorites to your husband, or catch the ones you missed, having lifetime access to these classes is totally worth the price of the recording package. Then when you add in all the awesome extra materials included with the Premium price, you’ve got yourself a really amazing deal! So go here to order before midnight Tuesday the 24th, to save $30, or Thursday the 26th, for the last time!


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