Cheap, Healthful, Non-toxic Wrinkle Cream

Beef Tallow, Grass-Fed, Kettle Rendered and Fine Filtered, 14oz (1 Pack)

I know it’s hard to believe, but the above product can be considered as “wrinkle cream.” One of my Veggie Gal friends asked recently what to use that is inexpensive and non-toxic. The product she usually uses is almost gone and she doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks to get the same expensive stuff again.

So, before you think that only French fries can benefit from using beef tallow (McDonalds used to think so), hear me out. These two sources recommend none other than tallow for skin:

First, Heather of, here, in her ” The ‘Naughty’ Skin Care Ingredient You Absolutely Must Try!” post . She says that it has nourishing ingredients for skin cells that you can’t find in plant ingredients. She says it works for her! The first time she tried it she felt like 3 months of exhausted living had been scrubbed off her face overnight.

Then this guy did an interview on the Wise Traditions podcast here. He lists all sorts of benefits of beef tallow, including using it as face moisturizer/wrinkle cream. Listen and enjoy! Make those Mickey-D fries envious that you can bathe in it and they can’t! (For added pleasure, you can hear the story behind the McDonalds fries/beef tallow break-up here, by one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell.)

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