New Book by Maurice Harker on Fighting Addiction and Self-Betrayal With Book of Mormon Principles

I just got word that Maurice Harker, co-author of the ground-breaking book, Like Dragons Did They Fight, has co-written a NEW book with Reuben Aiton.


Here’s what Maurice says:

I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, Never A Happier Time, which I have co-authored with my close friend and associate, Reuben Aiton. This book is a powerful companion to my book Like Dragons Did They Fight.

We live in a time of war…a psychological and spiritual war…a war for the souls of men and women of all ages…a war to destroy families from the inside out.


Reuben and I have written this book to help you glean powerful lessons from the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and consistently win your greatest battles. This book is excellent for anyone desiring to develop greater self-mastery in any area of their lives. It is also powerful for anyone seeking to prevent or recover from addiction.

And, for the first 5000 purchasers… you can purchase the eBook for only $1.95, over 85% OFF the normal purchase price! The eBook is available for immediate download when you purchase it.

Click here to learn more about this powerful handbook and to purchase it at this incredibly low price!

The hardcopy of Never A Happier Time is also scheduled to release on July 11th. You can save over 25% OFF the normal hardcopy price by pre-ordering your copy now. Get your hardcopy for only $8.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Once our first 5000 copies of the eBook are sold, we will be removing the $1.95 eBook offer. Get yours before they are gone.

We hope that this new companion to Like Dragons Did They Fight will serve you and your loved ones.


Maurice Harker, CMHC and Director


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