Another New Christmas Classic: the Man Who Invented Christmas

I heard about this movie a year ago from Andrew Pudewa during the online Winter Retreat for IEW. IEW stands for Institute for Excellence in Writing, which is a  company of resources to teach kids how to write. Andrew mentioned this movie as one of his new favorite Christmas movie classics. It’s one of mine too. It’s The Man Who Invented Christmas, loosely based on the book by the same name. It’s the backstory of Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol. It stars Dan Stevens as Dickens and none other than Christopher Plummer as Scrooge. If you love A Christmas Carol, you have to watch it! You will learn a lot. For example, did you know the following….?

  • In the fall of 1843, right before he wrote A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens was in a writing slump, having recently published three flops. Staring moneu problems in the face, he started writing A Christmas Carol.
  • He wrote A Christmas Carol in six weeks.
  • He was a father of four with a fifth on the way when he wrote it.
  • He dealt with all sorts of pressure when he was writing his book: his parents asking him for money, distractions of people knocking on his door, and doubters that he could write a profitable Christmas story. His publishers told him there was no market for Christmas stories. How wrong they were!

This movie is a great addition to any family’s repertoire of Christmas classics! My husband and I watched it last weekend for our date night at home, and now we will watch it tomorrow with all the kiddos. It also provides great fodder for discussing marriage. For example, was Dickens’ wife supportive of him writing his story? Could she have been more supportive? How do we support a husband in pursuing his dream? Do you think they could have been more honest in their money discussions? How can we apply principles shown in this movie to our own lives?

That’s a post for another day; I just had a wonderful online discussion with my girlfriends about that. Oooh, it was juicy!

Go watch the movie by renting on YouTube or Amazon, and God bless us everyone! Then go watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. Dan Stevens says he watches it every Christmas Eve with his three kids.






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