The Miracle of Homeopathy, and Finally Kicking the Cold and Flu

We had a merry Christmas dimmed by illness striking our home. Most of us got some form of a cold or flu right after Christmas. My trusty essential oils just weren’t helping me get over the tail end of my congestion, like they usually do. Then I remembered how well homeopathy worked for me this past year on some other problems I’ve had, so I got some for my congestion. The pellets plus a humidifier cleared up my cold once and for all. I’m so grateful for this. I also started getting flu symptoms, alternating between chills and fever, so I used the remedy below. Every single time, I’ve tried something else first, then I use homeopathy, and within 24 hours or less, the homeopathy works. It feels like a miracle!


I’ve used this on three kids now and it nipped the flu symptoms in the bud within 24 hours!

I first heard about homeopathy while being a premed student at BYU, but haven’t embraced it until this year. It really works! I love the above video featuring a mom who uses homeopathy regularly. I’m learning a lot by listening to this podcast, on which Paola has been a guest and a reporter.


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