How to Use the LDS Gospel Library App

Even though I’ve been using the LDS Gospel Library app for years, I learned some tricks in the above video. Like how to remove highlighting when I accidentally picked a color I didn’t really want to use and how to add a bookmark. Watch the above video and learn from the developer of the app, Todd Reynolds. It’s great to learn all these as we start a new year with a new curriculum, Come Follow Me. Al Fox Carraway, the host of the video has provided these timestamps for different tips in the video:

Below are the times when each tip starts if you wanted to jump around out of order.   1. Settings 0:22  – changing app color & text size.

2. Toolbar 1:17  – select, highlight styles, delete, define, search, tags.

3. Bookmarks 4:24 – creating, naming, changing, deleting, multiple.

4. Sidebar 5:36 – tapping links & footnotes without changing screens, knowing what’s ‘tapable’.

5. Search 7:36 – the easiest way to find scriptures without going back & back & back to ‘books’ & lose your spot.

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