Books I Read in 2018 and 2017


Did this one for Altus, my homeschool group. It’s one of those I’ve always meant to read. So  many gems! I love that it points out what we all know as “hunches,” like that most talent comes from practice of good habits, not being born with it.


So remember last year two years ago when I wrote this blog post about books I was planning to read? I started blogging today thinking that previous post was in 2018, but I actually wrote it in 2017. Egads, how time flies! I was so excited about the possibilities of new books for a new year in 2017. I can’t believe two years has passed since I felt that excitement. Proverbially, it seems like yesterday. I saw a Facebook friend post what she was planning on reading. So I did the same here on the blog two years ago and I guess that excitement lasted for two years. I ended up, however, only reading one of those books that I planned, which was Before Green Gables. Here’s my review of that. It was so amazing, as it seamlessly fit in with all of the Anne books, just like it was written by Lucy Maud herself.


Before we get any further, if you are wondering how to fit in reading into your busy life, listen to this podcast here with Modern Mrs. Darcy and Sarah Mackenzie.



I read this Jan. 1 2018. It was such an inspiring way to kick-off the new year!


Anyway, this list here in this post is what I read in 2018, and truthfully, a little into this year of 2019, but those that squeaked into this year were ones I started last month, or even way last year, LOL! This list doesn’t count all the picture books I read to the kiddos. Two of these books here were chapter books I read to the kids. I never did a post for 2017 so I’ve added those to the bottom of this list. I hope this post inspires you to read something from it! Reading is so great for you! I hope to create an even more inspiring reading aloud and reading silently to ourselves culture for my family in 2019!



I was reading this randomly from whatever page I opened to every day until Pres. Nelson’s Conference talk and then I started doing it front to back in Oct. I finished a few days before the new year! It’s the best self-improvement book ever! I blog about it here, and here.



I did this one for Quest, my homeschoolers teen class that I’m mentoring. So good! I love the videos I found for it here.



Another one for Altus, my homeschool group. Great book! I love the skills presented.




Can we throw a party for me for me finishing this one, reading it aloud to the kids? It took me over a year to finish! Never again. It wasn’t meant to be read aloud. Too many details to bore them. I skipped most of the sailing parts, LOL. It’s a good book, just not meant to be read aloud to kids.




I blog about this one here. Skip the bonus chapter between Chapters 9 and 10.


Hero Education: A Scholar Phase Guidebook for Teens, Parents and Mentors

Good, it’s Oliver’s in-depth take on scholar phase. Some repetition of key points, especially in the beginning. The two huge issues I have with the book is he never addresses the importance of community for scholar phase or how to monitor electronic devices in scholar phase.




For Quest.




For Quest. Very inspirational.




Joan was amazing. I tear up thinking about her. So good. For Quest.






Such a great book! It made me laugh and cry! I looooved it! One of the best books I’ve ever read!





One of the best books on marriage! Get it!




For Quest.




I started this reading aloud to the kids in Dec. 2017. They didn’t like it as much as I had hoped. It’s supposed to be one chapter a night Dec. 1 to Dec. 24 but I couldn’t keep up. It stretched out until September!


Then here are the books from 2017 that I remember, LOL, which I’m sure isn’t complete. It seems rather unimpressive. I do belong to a monthly book club outside of my homeschool group but you can’t tell from looking at this list. Many times the club picks books I don’t like.


Enter a caption



Great book on how to understand your metabolism.


I listened to these on road trips to Utah with the kids the spring and summer of 2017:








Much better than the movie, because the dad isn’t so bungling. Here’s my full review of the book and movie.

Wow, it feels really good to go back and remember what I’ve read! I’m looking forward to my 2019 books. I’m going to read all the books for my Quest class (the one I mentor for older scholar phase teens for my homeschool group), plus the books I’m supposed to read for the parents’ book discussion nights, plus what I want to read on my own. That means Hunger Games!  That’s one of those books that makes me culturally illiterate because I haven’t read it yet. I blogged about that here. My friend Olivia is asking me to read it for the parents’ nights, because she thinks it’s a great book that advocates Christianity. OK, so just because she’s asking me to, I will read it and see.

Here’s another inspiring podcast episode from Modern Mrs. Darcy with Sarah Mackenzie. This time it’s about cultivating your own reading life. Ahh that sounds so good!


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