What I’m Learning from the New Testament with Come Follow Me, Week #3

I am loving this new curriculum for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called Come, Follow Me. Here’s what I learned for Week #3, when I studied Matthew 2 and Luke 2. I love reading the word of God, finding the doctrines and looking for how they apply to my life by asking the questions in the Come, Follow Me manual as well as my own questions I think of.

I copy the following from the manual, with the doctrine that we find in that scriptural passage in bold:

Luke 2:8–38Matthew 2:1–12

There are many witnesses of the birth of Christ.

The birth and infancy of Christ were marked by witnesses and worshippers from many walks of life—humble shepherds who visited the stable, wealthy Wise Men who brought gifts to His home, a widow who served in the temple, and a faithful disciple who anxiously anticipated the coming Messiah. As you explore their stories, what do you learn about ways to worship and witness Christ?

Here is the accompanying question to go with the doctrine, “What do I learn about witnessing and worshiping Christ from the following examples?”

The Shepherds: Be willing to receive revelation when it comes, leave your work, and go immediately to see, and then spread the word. I learned from some dear friends the past year that sometimes revelation comes early, early in the morning. Both friends have said that when they can’t sleep in the middle of the night/early in the morning, they get up and pray and then listen for answers. I realized that I can be like the shepherds in doing this. I can leave my work (sleep) and go do a kneeling prayer on my prayer rug (a bathroom rug in front of my vanity in the bathroom). I’ve been getting some great answers when I do this. I take a notebook with me and write the answers down. I’m still kind of sleepy so I sometimes have a hard time reading my writing the next day but the answers are always amazing! Even more amazing when I actually act on them. Writing them down helps ensure that that happens. 🙂

Simeon: Do things to keep the Spirit with me, we see this in Simeon for, “The Holy Ghost was upon him.” That  means safeguarding what I listen to, watch, and read. Then be willing to receive promises from the Holy Ghost as given in revelation and priesthood blessings. Be watching for them to be fulfilled and rejoice when they are.

The Wise Men: They studied the stars and the signs given in prophecy to know when the Savior would come. They watched for these signs. The believed when the sign of the star came that a Savior had been born. Then they searched for Him. I am doing the same thing to watch for the Savior’s second coming.

Anna: Serve God with fasting and prayer. Give thanks unto the Lord. Speak unto all who are looking for a Savior, and tell them He came.

Matthew 2:13–23

Parents can receive revelation to protect their families.

Ponder experiences when you have felt God’s guidance in protecting you and your family or loved ones. Consider sharing these experiences with others. What can you do to receive such guidance in the future?

One of my awesome homeschooling mom friends, Cyndi, shared on Facebook today the experience she has had of feeling revelation to stop letting her children have sleepovers.  I received the same prompting early on in my mothering career. I think it was prompted in part by a speaker in General Conference. So my kids have never been on sleepovers, except for cousin sleepovers/family reunions, Scout camp, and Girls’ Camp. (I won’t get started on Scout camp overnighters and the anxiety I felt about those, let’s just say I’m rejoicing and practically dancing on my roof that the Church is ending the relationship with BSA in 2020). As a result of this rule, my children have been greatly blessed. One of my sons wrote home to me when he was on his mission, thanking me for having that rule. He had seen a lot of problems in his missionary peers that started from sleepovers.

So I’m grateful to be having this opportunity with Come, Follow Me to see the doctrines the New Testament in a new light and how they apply to my life. I can’t wait to see what treasures I discover in the coming year!

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