What I’m Learning,Week #1 of Come Follow Me

So I am so enamored with the new Come, Follow Me curriculum for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I want to blog about it every week! This is what we are studying for the adult and youth Sunday School classes, for the children’s classes at church, and then together at home. We have been studying the Nativity story the past few weeks in the New Testament. I am gaining new insights even though I had just been pondering this story before and during Christmas. I love that I get to study the story more and continue to bask in its glory. It’s like we are having a “reverse Adent” around here.

Week #1 was about how “I am responsible for my own learning.” I love the above Studio C sketch for humorously illustrating this doctrine. Sometimes we just have to say “no” to distractions, push ahead, and study!  The rewards are immense, I promise! I love uncovering these treasures of wisdom, tailored for me by the Holy Spirit.

Before Come, Follow Me came along, we had already been doing family scripture study every morning, even on Sundays before church. Now, during that time I study the Come, Follow Me scriptures for the upcoming lesson in adult Sunday School. We all read for five minutes, then we write in our journals for five minutes. That’s when I write the discussion questions in my journal and answer them in writing. Then on Sunday for our third hour of church, after our midday meal, we do the family reading. I call it “homechurching.” Whatever is left that we haven’t read and discussed can be used for Family Home Evening or dinner table discussions. I love the questions! I started a Google sheet that has all the scripture readings, the doctrines highlighted in those passages, the discussion questions, and the additional resources suggested to be used, like General Conference talks, Hymns and Primary songs. I don’t know if you noticed, but each of those items is a bit different for Sunday School, families and individuals, and Primary. But they all weave together into a beautiful whole. You can view it here, it’s a work in progress! Go to the tabs at the bottom to see the different sheets for Sunday School, families and individuals and Primary.

The following video by Al Fox Carraway shows how she uses the new curriculum in her home. I hope you are enjoying it too! I would love to hear how you are using it in your own home.

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