Losing Weight With Keto


The woman above is my friend Tammi Hyde. She also is my graphic designer, having done the Tree of Life logo for my blog. She has lost almost 200 lbs with the keto diet. I’m so excited for her! You go girl!

Update on 2/1/20:

She has now officially lost 200 lbs! I’m so proud of her! Here is her video about that from last September 2019!



You can follow her on her YouTube channel Keto in the Chaos. She has lots of tips and recipes, She is a busy mama of 9 who takes kids to dance class and competitions all over, plus she has a photography business, so she knows how to get things done! So If you have ever wondered about how to do the ketogenic diet as a busy mom, she is the go-to girl.

She went sledding for the first time in 30 years and had a recipe published in Woman’s World, sharing the cover with Marie Osmond. Congratulations Tammi!


The above video shows her photo shoot, then the one below shows the first time she read the article after publication. It was so cool for me to see the magazine at Walmart right before Christmas and say, “Hey I know her!”



In the videos  below she tells keto beginners how to start. She presents key info about electrolytes in lesson 2. I’m wondering if my lack of knowledge about electrolytes is why I got insomnia and hormone imbalance when doing keto and had to stop.




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