Recap of Vaccine Info from 2018 Health Conference


Remember when I announced the Your Health Freedom Conference that happened in Utah last fall? One of the topics presented at this conference was about vaccines. Since it’s back-to-school time, many of you are faced once again with the vaccine issue. You might feel pressured to vaccinate against your wishes because of education officials or relatives. So here’s some information to consider:

1.The video above by Laura Hayes, of her presentation at the conference. See also her website,

2. A playlist of the videos from the organization that sponsored the conference, Your Health Freedom, over here.

3. A brief summary from the conference, from my friend Heather who attended:

One guy spent an hour and a half sharing meticulously researched historical data that shows how the autism epidemic as truly that, and not just a modernization of diagnostic techniques. His son is autistic and he was passionate- they all were. Another spoke about the coming tsunami of the adult population of autistic folks that we will be seeing soon; how we thought weak soc. sec. was just a problem for us, but how about them?! When their parents pass away, how will we deal? Is anyone preparing our country to deal with those realities? I had not really thought of it in those terms-very sobering. There was a brilliant bio-chemist who talked about chelating of heavy metals, a naturopath, a gardener, a U of U researcher who sued the univ and cdc for data fraud, etc., etc. The two highlights for me were Andy Wakefield- answering all kinds of medical and legal questions on vaccines, and Laura Hayes. Wow, she is has a powerful message. She cares for her 22 year old “4 year old” and is fired up about getting the word out. She gardens to have safe food, she has done every alternative diet thing out there, takes care of him, and still travels all over to speak. She lives in CA, which is now a state of tyranny for vaccine mandates. People with sick kids are fleeing the state. The only way to avoid vacs is to homeschool. If you need the hospital, they can withhold treatment until vacs are given. If you say no, they are calling CPS on families and taking their kids. It’s getting crazy! She says Utah is headed for similar legislation. We need to be involved before our rights are gone!
These two are modern heroes to me!!
The room was full of people with vaccine injured kids or family members. It was painful to hear the stories and how all of them have been through their own version of hell, that is the ongoing story of their lives. The woman that I sat by (from Cedar City) has two adult autistic kids that she cares for. One son became so after his vaccines and she overhauled their life, for years, to get him better. Through endless interventions, he graduated high school. at the top of his class! Went to college and played soccer! He was in an accident, she was in another state, in the hospital they gave him two mercury loaded vaccines (with no permission), and he completely reverted to the autism of his childhood!! He’s 24 now and functions as maybe an 8 year old, but because he is strong and gets violent, he is now in a state institution. Sad, hard stories like that- lots of them. I’m glad I got to go!

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