The Ongoing Restoration


I love this recent talk that Elder Gary E. Stevenson gave for BYU‘s Education Week last month. It is wonderful to behold that the restoration started in 1820 and continues to unfold. His challenge to read from the Book of Mormon for at least 10 minutes a day can be easily done if we use some of our screen time to listen or read from the Book of Mormon using the Gospel Library App. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It testifies of Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. It is a gift to guide us in these last days of trouble and gloom. It brings peace, love, joy, and light whenever it is applied. I have been feeling some turmoil over an issue in my life. Then last week a verse popped out at me in our family reading that gave me a lot of comfort. It is amazing how God can use the Book of Mormon to answer our questions, whatever they may be, if we let him. Answers are much more likely to come when you take your question to God in prayer, write in your journal, listen/read the Book of Mormon, then write your thoughts, then pray again.  My friend Becky Edwards outlines the process, what she calls a prayer sandwich, in her book below. You can listen to Becky describe the process in an interview here.


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