When Did the Love of Christ Find You in the Darkest Night?


In Relief Society yesterday, we discussed the talk given above by President Dallin H. Oaks. I love it!

Here are some principles (in bold) from the talk and questions to spark discussion about it:

  1. Repentance begins with our Savior, and it is a joy, not a burden. When have you felt that repentance is a joy?
  2. President Russell M. Nelson said, “To repent from sin is not easy but the prize is worth the prize.” Sometimes repentance is like entering a cave. It seems dark and scary at first, but then you discover a prize. What prize have you experienced from repentance?
  3.  The song “Come Unto Jesus” mentions the truth that the love of Jesus will find you, and bring you out from darkest night to day. When did you feel the love of Jesus doing that for you?
  4. President Oaks mentions that our life is governed by both mortal laws and spiritual laws. Name a law that you have obeyed recently and the blessing you experienced from your obedience.


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