Tree of Life Picture Book of the Week: Apples to Oregon


Are you ready to read the “greatest adventure in the history of fruit”? Then dig in to this book. I love it because it shows a man pursuing a quest. It’s based on the true story of Henderson Luelling, who left Iowa in 1847 to settle in Oregon. He took 600 trees with him, one wife, and 8 children so he could have fruit orchards in his new paradise. He was fruitful in the ways of children and plants, as his ninth child was born after they moved to Oregon. His brainchild, the Luelling-Meek Nursery got its start in Oregon as well. His first box of apples grown in Oregon sold for $75.  Stories like these show the amazing pioneer heritage of our nation as people weren’t afraid to head to the unknown, facing risks, in order to build a dream. I’m reading this aloud to my two children doing the Georgics Scholar Project this year to encourage them in their dream-building. I hope you enjoy this picture book as much as I do!

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