Out of the Best Books: Classics We Enjoyed for August-September 2019

One of the reasons I love homeschooling so much is that it gives us an excuse to read so many classics. Here are the ones for August and September. As much as I loathe starting school in August, it does feel great to look back and say, hey, look at all these cool books we’ve read so far!

The two older children at home read Little Men for their Georgics scholar class. I read this book a while ago, actually, I don’t remember if I ever finished it, but I don’t remember what the “georgics” aspect of it is. Maybe the fact that Jo and her husband are entrepreneurs in owning a boarding school?



Strawberry Girl is truly one of the best books ever! You can read my review here. My two practice scholars read it for their Georgics Scholar Project.



Because we liked Strawberry Girl so much I found a set of books by the same author on scribd. You can access them by going to the bottom of my Strawberry Girl post and clicking the scribd link.



The books above and below were for the Pyramid Scholar Project. 






These three books, the one above and two below, were for my ten-year-old’s Mastering Knighthood class. I’m getting him to the point where he reads the monthly books on his own without me reading aloud every single word. Although I do plan on keeping the reading aloud tradition going more than I did for the out of nest kids. I read aloud parts of Wheel on the School in the car on the way home from northern AZ to the whole family. It made that long trip a lot more bearable.









For when we drive to our homeschool group every Thursday, 90 minutes each way. We listen to the charming Audible version with Rachel McAdams. Don’t tell, but I’ve even caught the 15 year old boy smiling while listening.



This is for Georgics too, because the 15 year old boy needs more to read. He’s reading ahead and then we play it on scribd.com during dishes clean up when I need a break from reading aloud. I’m so excited to see that it’s the first in a trilogy. I didn’t know that until just recently! I remember one of my grade school teachers reading it aloud to us. Despite the implausibility of the plot, I like it.


We listen to Saints on the way home from seminary every weekday. I finished it earlier this year after starting it last fall. Usually, we get at least one chapter in, sometimes two. I’ve decided I’m going to listen to it, or one of the subsequent volumes, every fall and then discuss with it my adult children and close friends on All Saints Day every year.


After hearing my friends Olivia and Gayle rave about this one, we are listening to it on scribd.com every weekday on the drive to football practice in the afternoon.


We are on the home stretch for the one above. I’ve been reading it aloud since last spring, after finishing the World War I volume. It was for my two practice scholar’s Hero Project class. Can I get an amen and hallelujah that we are almost done? I am grateful that the author took the time to write these books, as this perspective is never found in a textbook.

Classic Stories from the Lives of Our Prophets by [Leon R. Hartshorn]

I read a story of one of the prophets every weekday to the kids from this book.


Linus The Little Yellow Pencil


I just love Linus and Spoon! You can read my reviews here and here.



Now, on to what I’ve been reading just for me, not for the kids:

The one above and below are for the Sword LEMI Scholar Project class about the War for Southern Independence. I made a quiz game for the above book to play in our class. It was so much fun! The book gets rather glorifying of war in the end chapters. I didn’t like that.

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s depiction of the Quaker mother Rachel Halliday makes me want to be a mom all over again.



Multipliers was for the parents of our homeschool group to discuss in September. I never finished it, but have good intentions to. It’s on scribd.com as well in audio.  Gift from the Sea is just as relevant as ever, even though it was written over 50 years ago. That one was for the homeschool moms’ retreat I attended in September. I listened to it on scribd.com. The narrator is Claudette Colbert. Wasn’t she a Hollywood actress in days gone by? Her voice soothes me to sleep, I can’t listen to it when driving long distances.

Gift from the Sea: 50th Anniversary Edition

And because I love to dive deep, the one below is for me to further my knowledge of the War for Southern Independence.




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