Trip to Utah Oct. 2019

So it’s past midnight and I’m driving home (that is, riding in a car while someone else is driving, I promise I’m being safe!) from Utah after being there for not even all of two days. A sweet time was had by all. My band of travelers includes my 15-year-old, a friend, her sixteen year-old-daughter, and another 15-year-old.

I packed a lot into this whirlwind trip: helping at the youth event I brought the youth for, visiting with my out-of-nest adult sons. visiting with my parents and mother in law, and going to the temple with one of my sons.

I got a serendipitous discovery from an odd situation. Serendipity also emerged in the form of a visit with my brother and his wife, who live in Virginia, as well as some dear homeschool friends. It was a homecoming of sorts.

Here are some images from the trip. God is so good to help create this trip for us! My heart is full! My son said he had the time of his life. I’m so glad I sacrificed to make the trek. It was a mini Hero’s Journey, complete with tests, traps, and trials.

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