Best Chapter Book to Read and Movie to Watch in January!

I know this is a Christmas book/movie, but it should really be read and watched in January. That way, you won’t forget about it, like you might do if you read the book in December and then the hustle and bustle of Christmas chaos makes you forget about starting a Christmas Jar. Hopefully this story will inspire you to create a family tradition of your own. I love this tradition because it’s something that can be worked on every day, year round, without any stress or much energy. Then giving it away in December is the crowning touch to the tradition. Because you’ve added to it through the year, you don’t have to have stress about putting together some big service or charity project in December in a short amount of time when nerves are already fried. As soon as you give it away you can start a new one. We’ve had a jar the past three years and it’s a lot of fun to watch the money grow and even more fun to to give it away anonymously.

Read the book aloud first to your family. We’ve been doing a chapter a day. They are short and sweet.

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Then go watch the movie here, for free, on

And start your own Christmas Jar! Teach your children to put 10% of what they earn in the jar, after their tithing, add your portion, and your spare change every time you come home from shopping. Then give it away and feel the joy of giving!

The movie is different from the book, but they are both great!

I’m excited to read the sequel!

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