Best Picture Book to Read in January!


It occurred to me, after reading this book aloud to my children a few weeks ago, why this is the best picture book to read in January. It can inspire you and your family to create your own giving chest. Here’s the full story, narrated by Dick Van Dyke:



A giving chest, as explained in the back of the book, is a place, whether it’s a box, a poster board, a piece of paper, or a Google Doc, which has your service ideas.  These ideas can be in actual object form, picture form, or just written down, to remind you want to do for service.

So in other words, it’s a service vision board! If you are like me, you see needs for service all around, and you can’t always do something about fulfilling the need right away. But you can write down what you would like to do, and dream about it, and then someday, just by writing it down and dreaming about it, and working hard, you just might attract the time and money to fulfill that need.

You just might be able to, someday, like the bearer of the giving chest in the book, match up just up the right thing with the need.

I’m totally doing this! I’m going to create a Google Doc, share it with my adult children out of the nest, and show it to my children here at home. I’ll copy and paste a few of my own service ideas and ask them to add theirs. We can talk about it often and add to it whenever we want. It will help open our eyes, our “vision” to what we can do to help people. We can use these ideas for the spiritual goals for the new Children and Youth goals program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Having this family service vision board and reading the Christmas Jar are brightening up my January already. I hope they will for you too!


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