New Resource on the Book of Mormon for Millennials and Others!

I’m so pleased to announce this new resource! It’s a nonprofit organization, called Book of Mormon Central. It exists independently of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The organization affirms the Book of Mormon’s truthfulness and answers questions about it, typically asked by Millennials. My husband’s cousin, Lynne Hilton Wilson, a co-founder, is a scholar of the Book of Mormon and the Bible, having a PhD in Theology and American History. She has taught at the CES Institute that serves students who attend Stanford U. She tells the story of Book of Mormon Central’s founding in the video above.

Book of Mormon Central has a podcast, a YouTube channel, a website, and two apps:

  • one app is called Scripture Plus. This app provides videos and articles to ponder in conjunction with each week’s Come Follow Me study. See video below for more about that, including a testimonial from former NFL quarterback Steve Young.



Here’s what the organization says about the KnoWhys:

 KnoWhys are daily features produced by Book of Mormon Central in the form of short essays, videos, memes, and podcasts. Each KnoWhy is designed to provide unique insight into the details of the Book of Mormon, through the explanation of both researched information and personal application. It is our hope that through KnoWhys, the reader will come to better understand both the “know” and the “why” of the Book of Mormon, strengthening his or her testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

The KnoWhy app offers instant access to the hundreds of KnoWhys produced by Book of Mormon Central. Read the text, view the images, and read through the references right from your iPhone or iPad.Book of Mormon Central is an organization committed to increasing understanding of and faithful engagement with the Book of Mormon. Our team of archivists, researchers, writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators, narrators, audio engineers, video engineers, web designers, web and mobile developers, graphic artists, and social media publishers are working together to share the wonders of this inspired masterpiece with the world.


Screenshot Image


Screenshot Image


Check them all out! Here are some of their videos below. One series of Book of Mormon Central’s videos has Come, Follow Me supplementary insights.






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