#abookandagameaday Fri. 1/31/20, Gameschooling Day #20 of 2020


For Friday 1/31/20, I read aloud the above book. It’s a great book to go along with January’s theme of new year, new goals, and vision boards. (As a family we made vision posters a few Sundays ago, after watching these videos. Putting images in front of your brain day after day with positive emotion/thoughts ((cue the Rocky theme music)) really does work to increase your chance of creating that thing in your real life. I already attracted one thing I put in my vision book two weeks ago!)

I love the above book by Valerie Ackley because it points out that so many everyday things in a child’s life first started out as a mere thought. I also love that it shows that we can change our attitude the very first moment when we haven’t even left our bed in the morning. It shows that positive thinking attracts opportunities to create our goals.

After our read-aloud we played flag football, per my 15 year old son’s request. I’m giving a child the pick of games for a day when it’s their birthday. His birthday was before I started the rule, so now I’m making it up to him.  Here in southern AZ we have no snow on the ground in January so I had no excuse not to play. Years ago I bought the following set below which we used.

We played as teams of two moms and two girls against three boys. The boys won, only because they have more experience, not to mention faster legs and no issues with 7 baby post-partum bodies/bladders :-). I actually had a lot of fun, despite biffing it after a mad dash to make a successful first down. After all these years of taking boys to football practice, I am beginning to feel the magic and fun of football! I regret that it took me so long. I hope to convince the remaining boys at home to play only flag football though. After seeing my older son get four football-induced concussions, I am, ouch, not wanting to see any more in our family.

After our rousing game of flag football, we settled inside to rest up a bit and play Spontuneous. This is one of my absolute favorite games! I love that everyone can play every turn, and that many people can play at once. I also love that I can customize it to certain themes or holidays, or the Sabbath, using religious songs. It is the perfect game! I’m so grateful that I found it for 3 bucks while thrifting last November! My angels were definitely guiding me to it, knowing how much I would love it!


Check out my tips for building a gameschool collection on a budget here, and see what else we’ve played for gameschooling here. 

Happy gameschooling!



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