The Culture that Spawned Trim Healthy Mama

As I have delved into the Trim Healthy Mama world, I have been delighted to discover that the authors of the Trim Healthy Mama books, Serene Allison and Pearl Bennett, are the daughters of Nancy Campbell. When I was a young mama, I often read the online articles and email newsletters written by Nancy. She is the founder of the Above Rubies ministry. As an exhausted and overworked mom of three little children ages 4 and younger, Nancy’s encouraging words about being a wife, mother, and homemaker soothed my soul. My husband went out of state almost every week for 3 to 5 nights a week on business, so I had to do everything on the homefront while he was gone. I would put the kids to bed, recharge my batteries by reading Nancy’s words, among other things, and then go clean up the kitchen, around 10:30 PM! Fortunately, things have changed and my kids are old enough to do the dishes. They also do the laundry and clean the bathrooms, and help fix dinner. I have to credit the homeschool movement for putting people in my life who inspired me to teach my children to work.

Anyway, it was fun to find out that Serene and Pearl are homeschool moms! From what I can tell, the Biblical Christian worldview created Trim Healthy Mama, in my perhaps incompletely informed opinion. It makes sense to me. That worldview gives these ladies  the confidence to write books about health and food, based on science, without degrees after their names. I believe that the Biblical Christian worldview these ladies were raised in gave them the confidence and work ethic to create their Trim Healthy Mama books and business.

This video shows Pearl and Serene introducing their husbands and kids.

Here’s a video of Serene and Pearl’s parents, Nancy and Colin Campbell, showing the power of turning a family mealtime into a family devotional and prayer.

Then a two part video series of the Above Rubies vision.

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