#abookandagameaday, Wed. 3/11/20; What to Do with Restless Boys in Gameschooling

Who Was Mister Rogers?  -     By: Diane Bailey


We read Chapters 6-9 of this book then played the games below. I let my 15-year-old read the book aloud while the rest of us did crafts or drawing. Then we played the game below, because I had promised my 10-year-old we would play it yesterday and then we ended up not playing it. So despite it not having anything to do with History or Geography (I have the theme of History and Geography for Wednesday) we played it.

I used the “our world” question cards from the game below to inject some geography quizzing into the game since it was History and Geography Day.  I wish I had noticed the age recommendation on the box, as it says “ages 6-9.” which I only saw while putting the cards away.  The questions were too easy for my 10-15 year crowd. Oops, lesson learned! Always check the age recommendation on the box! In the future I will use the geography and history cards from the other game pictured below this one, or my Carmen Sandiego games.


Then I let the boys play football as a reward for listening better than they have been on previous days. I do “three strikes, you’re out!” If I have to remind them three times to keep quiet and/or pay attention during the read-aloud time then they don’t get football. We had our quietest day today so far! It’s because I was finally super clear that it’s not three strikes for each boy, it’s three strikes for the group of three boys. And it’s not just if they are talking that they get a strike, but if they are interacting silently with gestures or looks, which even though silent, distracts them from the story. I’m glad I’m seeing improvement in their behavior. These boys are doing better knowing they have a chance for some physical play outside after sitting quietly and listening. It’s important to give them that time, I’m realizing. Boys do learn differently than girls.

Most of the girls then played Reverse Charades. Another great filler game to expand to whatever amount of time you need to fill up.

Check out this PDF of my slides about the “what, why, when and how” of gameschooling. These are the slides I used for my presentation at the Winter Homeschool Conference in Layton UT. on Feb. 8. 2020.

Here is a PDF called How to Build a Gameschool Collection on a Budget. It also includes 7 educational games you can play right away with stuff you most likely have in your home already.

Happy gameschooling! I hope it brings as much joy to you as it does to me!



Game playing and gameschooling help you get your kids off screens. Yay! Here’s a great book about that:

You can buy it on amazon or read it for free by signing up for a free two month trial of scribd.com over here, using my affiliate link. Disclosure: If you do sign up with my link, I get credit for a free month. The cost is the same to you. That’s a win/win for both of us!

What is scribd.com? scribd.com is a collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, and sheet music that you can access using an app on your mobile device. Much better than Audible, because you have unlimited access to all those resources for a low flat monthly fee. I have Audible too and love them both!

Enjoy reading and playing!






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