Free Resources for the Accidental (and Long-term) Homeschooler, Part 3: the Learning Palette

This is copied and pasted from a message from Usborne Books and More about a nifty educational tool called the Learning Palette. (I used the Learning Palette disc with my older kiddos when they were young. I just found out it’s now an online educational tool as well).

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Watch the video below if you are unfamiliar with the Learning Palette. It’s so cool that now you can do it all online! It’s customizable for ages and subjects you want your kiddos to be drilled on, but overall it’s for elementary school-aged children. With over 660 lessons and 7920 questions, it is sure to keep at least one person in your house who likes to learn this way engaged for some time.



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Learning Palette online has made this service available to customers FREE for 60 days, for a limited time. There is no need for a credit card or any commitments at a later date.

Learning Palette online is a self-correcting online product, which includes access to 55 titles (35 Math and 20 Reading) for Grades K-5. This is a total of 660 lessons and 7920 questions! The online version mimics the hands-on version of Learning Palette and is aligned to State and National educational standards. Most importantly, it is FUN!

Access Learning Palette online HERE. Simply enter your email address and name and you can begin playing today!


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